Guînes, 1668-1685 In 1891 The Huguenot Society of London transcribed a several old French Protestant church registers, including the register held for the Guînes Protestant Church, about 15 kms south of Calais, in the Nord-Pas-Calais province. These records contain many of our South African Huguenot ancestor records as well and you will find some wonderful information regarding the following Huguenots in these registers.

They do have a detailed index for both main entries as well as a separate index that contains the information of the witnesses at each entry.

Daniel DES RUELLES and his wife, Anne GOUDALLE, who's daughter, Anne, was later married to Charles MARAIS, son of the Marais French Huguenot progenitors.

Pierre JACOB and his wife, Suzanne DE VOS, progenitor family of the JACOBS family.

Jean DU BUIS and his wife, Sara JACOB, daughter of Pierre Jacob and Suzanne De Vos, progenitor family of the DE BUIS family.

Jean DU PUY, brother of Marie Madeleine DU PUY, who married David SENECAL, progenitor family of the SENEKAL family.

Jean DU PUY, brother of Susanne DU PUY, who married Estienne BRUERE, progenitor family of the BRUWE family.

Pierre LE FEBRE and his wife, Marie GUIGNART, parents of: 1. Marthe LE FEBRE, who married Jacques PINARD, progenitor of the PIENAAR family, and who also married Estienne TERBLANCE, progenitor of the TERBLANCHE family. 2. Marie Catherine LE FEBRE, born at the Cape, who married Gabriel LE ROUX, progenitor of the LE ROUX family.

Jean NOURTIER, and his wife Eve DU PONT, parents of: 1. Daniel NOURTIER, who married Marie VITU, progenitor of the NOURTIER/NORTIER/NORTJE/NORDJE family. 2. Jacob NOURTIER, who married Margurite MOUTON, progenitor family, but their male family line has ended 3. Jean NOURTIER, never married. Charles PREVOST, and his wife, Marie LE FEBRE, progenitor family but with no male lineage remaining. Also the parents of: 1. Anne PREVOST, who married Schalk VAN DER MERWE, son of Willem SCHALKSZ, progenitor of the VAN DER MERWE family. 2. Isabeau PREVOST, who married Philippe DES PREZ, son of Hercule DES PREZ, progenitor of the DU PREEZ family.

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